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Resistant Starches

Resistant Starches
Blog Name: NewslettersAuthor: Steven Gundry , M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C.Posted on: July 10, 2010

This monthís topic is Resistant Starch.  I know what youíre thinking, thatís pasta cooked ďal denteĒ!    Tough, chewy, ĒresistantĒ, get it?

Actually ďresistant starchesĒ are a class of starches that are resistant, or at least claim to be resistant, to quick digestion into sugar in our small intestine.  Because they breakdown more slowly into sugar, they should not increase your blood sugar like normal starches will.  Hence, itís probably safer as a cheat than the corresponding regular starch.

As you know, Iím a big fan of Tofu Shirataki Noodles.  Iím also well aware that half of you love them and half of you hate them!  What a lot of you have overlooked is that I also approve of and recommend an amazing ďRealĒ pasta called Fiber Gourmet, a small company located in Miami, Florida.  This is the real thing:  Durum Semolina Flour (what real Italian pasta is made from), modified wheat starch, aka, resistant starch, and wheat gluten (a protein).  Thatís it.   Whatís amazing about this product is what it contains in a serving:  18 grams of fiber!  40% fewer calories than regular pasta (130 versus 210).   You can find this pasta at Whole Foods, Clarks, or go on line at   There are many other varieties so mix it up!

So what Iím saying is:  I know you are going to cheat on me!  But when you cheat, why not make it a cheat you and I can live with, literally and figuratively?  Enjoy the Fettucine Noodles any way you like fettucine.  Try my recipe for Fettucine Dr. Gfredo on page 217 of my book.  Easy and a perfect companion to Fiber Gourmet noodles.  Also, please enjoy a version of Pesto Sauce that Iíll bet you didnít know existed, Sicilian Pesto (on Recipe page of Website).

Unlike Genovese Pesto Sauce, which is based on Pine nuts which are ubiquitous to the Ligurian coastline of Italy, the Sicilianís have almonds, a real influence from both Spanish and Moorish influences, as well as being one of the earliest old world cultures to embrace the new world discovery of the tomato.    An, unlike the Genovese, the Sicilians donít have great Basil, so they use its cousin, Mint!  This recipe is adapted for Diet Evolution practitioners from that great Italian cook, Marcella Hazan.

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