Transform yourself with a new way of looking at eating and weight loss.

  • If it ís "white", keep it out of sight.
  • If it ís "beige" you had better behave.
  • If you eat "dark green", you will become lean.
  • If you eat fake fats, youíll get heart attacks.
  • Weight off fast won't last.
  • Weight off slow, you're good to go.
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CJH from San Antonio, TX asking:

What is your opinion on Calcium supplements as they apply to risk of heart attack?

In my diet, you absorb lots of calcium from green, leafy vegetables. Calcium is not a problem as long as you are taking lots of Vitamin K2.
LAP from SD asking:

I am post-menopausal and have terribly thinning hair. Is there something missing in my diet or do I need additional supplements?

Take 10,000 mcg. of Biotin a day and please have your doctor test your Free T3 and Reverse T3.
GB from Seattle asking:

You mentioned that there is an OTC sustained release Niacin that works as well, if not better than Niaspan, without hepatoxicity. I cannot remember the name.

Slo-Niacin, available at Costco, Walgreen Drugs and Walmart.
CJ from SoCal asking:

I have been on your diet for almost two weeks and am doing well. My only problem is that I have charley horse cramps in my legs that wake me up in the middle of the night. I am taking calcium. What am I doing wrong?

Take at least 500 mg Magnesium at night. If cramps persist, increase Magnesium as long as your bowels tolerate it.
PH from OC asking:

What do you recommend in regards to a Calcium supplement for older women (and men)?

I recommend "Bone-Up", 2-4 capsules per day, for men and women.
RZ from Ohio asking:

I take Lovaza for high triglycerides. Are there alternatives?

Trader Joe's Omega 3's Odorless will do the same job for a lot less money. Yes, I love fish oil!
DL from PD asking:

I am in Phase I, have read the Book and am confused about the Supplements I should be taking initially. I don't have any major medical issues. Can you give me a head start?

I recommend everyone take the following to start: Vitamin C - 500-1000 twice a day, Vitamin D - 2,000 IU, a B100 and Magnesium - 500-1,000 mg once a day.
CG from OK asking:

I live in a small town and am having trouble finding the right kind of protein powder in our local stores. Can you recommend a reputable online source?

My best recommendations are Twinlabs or
ER from PS asking:

Do you have a favorite multivitamin you recommend?

I recommend Twin Labs multivitamin (no iron for men) and also Trader Joe's Antioxidant multivitamins (no iron for men)
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