Transform yourself with a new way of looking at eating and weight loss.

  • If it ís "white", keep it out of sight.
  • If it ís "beige" you had better behave.
  • If you eat "dark green", you will become lean.
  • If you eat fake fats, youíll get heart attacks.
  • Weight off fast won't last.
  • Weight off slow, you're good to go.
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Published on August 17, 2016
Dietary Management of the ApoE 4 Genotype, the True Ancestral Gene - 

AOL News Wednesday, May 1, 2013:

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Health Nuts Anonymous - Dr. Gundry does an off-the-cuff interview:

Sela Ward recently did an interview on In The Green Room on Better TV. It's only about 5 minutes long. Watch to the end for her fabulous endorsement!

Jimmy Moore, Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Podcast 1/17/2013 from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC

Dr. Gundry on Bill Feingold Show on KNews FM 94.3, The Desert's News Talk Super Station.
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Hear Dr. Gundry speak at the Desert Regional Medical Center August 31, 2011 on Eating Fat to Save your Life. Eat_Fat_to_Save_Your_Life_Gundry.wmv

Hear Dr. Gundry in the March issue of Dr. Blands Functional Medicine Update.

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Hear Dr. Gundry on Cary Nosler's Wide World of Health radio program "Talk650" KSTE-Sacramento 10/17/2010.

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Current news report discussing groundbreaking testing equipment. We have the EndoPat 2000 in our office:


You have added a significant number of years to my life and dramatically increased the quality of my life. I am 45 and had the early onset of diabetes, borderline high blood pressure, and cholestrol was not good. After 90 days I have lost 35 lbs and my doctor sent me an e-mail about my recent labs entitled WOW! My blood work has came back excellent and I feel great! Also, my BP has never been better! I have referred your book to so many people. I think half the people at my work are Gundry-ites. I can't thank you enough, you are positively impacting so many lifes!! I wish you the best, you should feel great that you are saving so many suffering from poor health. Brian B. ***
My wife and I have been on your program for 7 weeks now.  I have lost 21 lbs. and she has lost 16. We both feel great, and truly enjoy eating like this.  My knees feel much better and my wife's lypomas are shrinking.  Your recipes are great, and we also managed 3 days in Vegas and actually lost a pound.  Fantastic!  We would just like to say thanks for your writing of the Diet Evolution book.  As someone who has struggled with weight gain for 20 years, the book finally made sense out of all the conflicting information available about diet.  I am 55 yrs. old, just retired, and was resigned to being overweight and diabetic, with high blood pressure for the rest of my life.  When I started I weighed 245 lbs. and my knees were killing me.  At 5'11", I knew I was obese but couldn't find the energy to try and loose weight.  Thought I was going to have to walk, lift weights and starve to do it.  This is absolutely the easiest 21 lbs I have ever lost.  I don't feel like I am starving, in fact, its just the opposite.  I feel guilty eating so much.  My blood pressure is 125/78 this morning, which is lower than the 134/80 it was prior. J. Cook ***
I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of Dr. Gundry's program on September 5th. I accomplished everything that I dreamed of and didn't necessarily think would happen to me. I lost the 20 plus pounds and reduced my Micardis prescription from 80 mg to 20 mg. I am 100% off statins and my blood work shows that all my levels are normal or excellent. In the last 6 months I was having nasty side effects from the statin I was taking. Once I stopped the medicine, basically the side effects all went away. When I received my recent blood test results, I was over the moon with happiness. I just didn't believe it would happen to me. Thank you very much for your information and your book and I look forward to your next book. ***
My husband and I have become quite a proponent of Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution.  I never did make an appointment to see you, but read your book, which soon became my bible.  I love your recipes, and even followed your diet principles in Puerto Vallarta, taking the nut snacks with me, and managing to keep my weight down even there!  I licked guacamole off the chips and passed on the margaritas, opting for straight tequila. The long walks on the beach and up and down staircases and hills helped a lot, of course.   Since last June - ready for this?  I have lost nearly 20 lbs!  I am now at my more typical weight and almost as light as I was when I married my husband...I can't tell you how thrilled I am.  And, another piece of good news, I no longer have to take Lipitor!  So thank you!  ***
My wife attended a lecture you gave at an ARNP conference in Seattle, Washington in October 2010. We both read your book and we started your plan November 1st after ordering supplements and cleaning out our refrigerator. My last blood draw was one week ago. After having been on your plan less then 2 months, my A1C went from an 8.9 to a 6.8 and my cholesterol is now 110. At 56, I have never been so excited about my future. My wife has dropped 11 pounds and is equally as healthy. This is not a phase, but a life style change. SG, PhD ***
This diet is incredible. I feel wonderful. Have lost weight already. Did not weigh when I started one month ago but am fitting into a size smaller.  Had psoriasis on my hands for 25 years. It is totally gone on my left hand and my right hand is about 85% better already. Amazing to me since doctors stated they are not sure what causes psoriasis. I will remain on this diet forever. It has been so very easy. Thanks for explaining why and how this works. Your book is easy to read and understand. Thanks again for my smaller and healthier body. SS - BC ***
I am not an obsessive dieter, but I am a 48 year old male runner with high cholesterol, looking to improve and lengthen the quality of my life. I am nearly finished with your book after seeing your video posted on Tony Robbins eblast and I have to tell you that you make sense. I have recommended the book and lifestyle to many of my friends. I am currently 170 lbs. down from 216 lbs. with a height of 6'4" (I lost the weight by excersising and eating less calories). I am athletically built and look fit, I am striving for a weight of 155-160 but more concerned with lowering my cholesterol without medications, less body fat and improved muscle condition for runnng improvement. I just wanted to say Thank You for the push start and offerring up a better solution to eating habits and lifestyle. Thanks Again!! BC - OC ***
I am a heart by-pass recipient of 13 years who was sick of feeling sick and swallowing nine medications daily. Have followed Gundry's diet for 4 weeks. Weekly angina has gone. BP systolic has gone from 196 to 120.Gone from a weary, spent 66 year old to a vibrant one on reducing medications. This book makes huge sense and works for this old boy and, I believe, for anyone willing to give it a serious go. It could, I believe, put drug companies out of business and reduce the health cost burden of western nations, if people had the will to follow its formula.  AS - Australia ***
I have been on this diet for about a month and have lost 12 pounds. I am not starving like I used to be when I was eating what I wanted. I have not had blood sugar swings. I did have a headache for about the first week, but I feel better now than ever. My joints do not hurt as much. I have no gastrointestinal distress, and my thin hair is getting thicker. I can see the new hair growing. It is easy to follow, nothing to count. Try it!   BM ***
I highly recommend this book if you're looking for an easy safe & long lasting method to become or improve your health. I was totally amazed, not so much because the weight just absolutely just fell off my body but because I NEVER get hungry. I'm thrilled. I started this because I was getting severe out-a-control migraine headaches which I believe was caused by the sugar in my diet. When I've taken sugar out of my diet in the past, I've been migraine free, but it crept back into my life, not to mention the extra 20 lbs. I've vowed to choose health now instead of sickness. Personally, this was easy for me cause I love to fill up on proteins and vegies. I even started this before the holidays and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a holiday so much. Don't have to worry about waking up hung over, sluggish, remorseful & filled with the sugar blues. I even get to enjoy some Red Wine!!  LR ***
My doctor's office called me yesterday regarding some test results from my annual physical. They wanted to know what I had been doing in the past year as the improvement was so astonishing across the board. Even my bone density increased! I told them about your book. I also go to the gym about 3 or 4 days a week and take supplements. They said that this kind of improvement was very rare. I am 54 years old and was not in bad shape but my asthma was not always in control, my feet and hips hurt, and I weighed about 180 pounds at 5'2". I started the book 14 months ago after my last blood test included blood sugar in the 165 range and the beginning of osteopenia, low lung capacity, etc. I am down to 150 pounds. This time my everything is normal, almost perfect. My blood sugar is good, good cholesterol is over 90, my vitamin D and B's are extraordinary. I have an enormous amount of energy. So thank you! FS - SoCal ***
"Evolution" - More like "Revelation"! After 4 weeks I've lost 11 lbs and feel great. It is difficult staying away from processed foods (breads, cereals, diet sodas, etc...), but gets easier every time you step on the scale. I haven't even started incorporating exercise into my regime. Can only imagine how much faster the weight will fall off when I do. Thank you, Dr. Gundry, for writing this amazing book. DC ***
My husband and I were referred to Dr. Gundry a year ago obese and with a cholesterol count of over 300. With his common sense, great stories, care and concern for our health and longevity we have both lost 25 pounds counting, pounds of body fat, and reduced our count by over 80 points without medication. This is not a diet per say but real solutions for a life change if you are willing to stop fooling yourself with "diets". LK in La Quinta, CA ***
This book is absolutely fabulous! It makes so much sense; you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. You'll have to revise most of your preconceived ideas about what is healthy and what is not to follow this eating plan, but you won't regret it. Not only will it help you loose weight, it will dramatically improve your health. Everybody should eat this way; whether young or old, thin or fat, healthy or not, this plan will change your life. It's worth it, if it means eliminating heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Thank you Dr. Gundry for finally bridging the gap between Ornish and Atkins! PC from Montreal, Canada ***
My wife and I started this program together. (We are both in our mid 60's.) Two months later I have lost 20 lbs. and my wife has lost 10 lbs and 5 inches from her waist and hips. We are not hungry!!! My wife's last lipid blood panels were normal, without taking meds (after having been almost 300 and taking Lipitor for control.) We are evolving into healthier, happy and energetic folks. Our friends and family comment all the time about our appearance...makes us feel great. FG ***
It's the first diet book I read cover to cover before I started the program. It was an enlightening look at all the wrong things I was doing to become healthy again. I couldn't put it down. I always had nasal problems, could never breathe through my nose. Four days on the program and I could breathe again. That alone was a miracle. I could sleep all night without waking to blow my nose. My bloating went down and I lost a dress size in a week. But most of all it was a livable diet. JP ***
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