Transform yourself with a new way of looking at eating and weight loss.

  • If it ís "white", keep it out of sight.
  • If it ís "beige" you had better behave.
  • If you eat "dark green", you will become lean.
  • If you eat fake fats, youíll get heart attacks.
  • Weight off fast won't last.
  • Weight off slow, you're good to go.
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The Diet


Make A Commitment. Really make it! Be strict and strong and success will be around the corner. This is a diet that works for everyone at every age.

Put In The Effort. Yes, to be successful you will have to eat certain foods and avoid others. Even if vegetables are at the bottom of your list of good things to eat, you will begin to enjoy them.

Join The Thousands. By following Dr. Gundry's revolutionary ideas, thousands have restored their health and reprogrammed their bodies for health, life, looks and longevity. Even the Doctor himself  lost 70 pounds with his diet!


Simply put, the diet involves three phases in which you change your way of eating. No longer will you crave the sugary processed foods that you couldn't live without and instead you will enjoy nutrient rich foods- like leafy green vegetables. You will lower your intake of animal based protein and eliminate refined grains. You will instead enjoy a life as a 'vegephile' (not a vegetarian) or one who likes to eat vegetables.

Phase I: The Teardown (weeks 1-6 minimum) - In this phase you will focus on eating protein and vegetables, while saying goodbye to sugary and high carbohydrate foods. You will convince the body that it is time to burn calories and not store fat. Basically the diet is protein, vegetables and good fats. All grains, starchy vegetables, sugar and fruit are forbidden for the first two weeks. After such, you will be adding foods from "Dr. Gundry's Friendly Food Lists"

Phase II: The Restoration Phase (weeks 7-12 minimum) - This phase is about effecting permanent change in your eating habits and lasting success in weight control. In this phase you will transition from calorie dense food to calorie sparse (but still micronutrient dense) food. By adding more leaves and green foods to your diet, you will lower your calorie intake. Basically, you will learn to increase the volume of vegetables you are eating while significantly eating smaller portions of animal, or substitute, protein. Eat green, become lean.

Phase III: The Longevity Phase (ongoing) - In this phase you will eat as our earliest ancestors did. For them, the opportunity to consume meat and other animal protein was not a daily event; they relied on plant protein consuming most of it raw. Eating food raw preserves more of its micro nutrients. The guidelines for this phase are meant to encourage activation of your "longevity" genes.

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